Q: I have a maintenance issue that I want the association to address. How do I get that done?

A: The first step is to make sure that the association is responsible for your issue. The easiest way to do so is to check the last section of the CC&R document, which contains a simple maintenance matrix outlining maintenance resposibilities. If you find that the association has resposibility, contact management to have it addressed.

Q: How do I dispose of large items such as mattresses, couches, or other furniture that will not fit in the dumpster?

A: Please contact Waste Management directly to arrange for pickup of your large items. If the dumpsters are overfilled (meaning the lid will not close) the association is charged extra for pick-up. Please do not leave your unwanted furniture next to the dumpster in the hope that someone will take it. It just makes the complex look trashy. If you want it to go to someone that can use it, try Craigslist (free), the Union-Tribune classifieds (free), or Ebay (small commission).

Q: What do I need to do if I would like to install new windows in my home?

A: Before scheduling the installation, fill out an Architectural Change Request form available on the Forms page or from the property manager. Submit the form to the property manager and the board will vote on your request at the next board meeting. After you receive the approved change request you may have your windows installed.

Q: Why can’t I just call the board members at their home for my questions?

A: With today’s complicated HOA laws, rules & regulations, property management is a full time job, requiring a full time staff. Our Association hired a property management company to manage the property and advise board members on daily business. Board members are non-compensated and hold elected positions of service to the community. They not only give numerous hours serving the association, but carry full time jobs and lives of their own. A property manager can field questions, concerns and situations in a more expeditious manner.

Q: What can I do if I witness someone letting their dog go to the bathroom on CDS property and I am not comfortable confronting them in person?  Is there a difference for other CDS owners verses other homeowners in the neighborhood?

A: Communication is the best possible solution to resolving community concerns, conflicts and suggestions. Try talking to your neighbors to see if a resolution can be reached.

If you find that a conversation can not resolve an issue, contact your property management with your complaint. Be certain to have documentation of the incident before you call.

In all cases documenting the issue at hand with dates and details surrounding the alleged incident is necessary and helpful in any resolution. When reporting an incident to property management, times, dates of infraction, along with persons/responsible parties involved are necessary in order for the property management to process a formal complaint. Pictures of infractions being committed are also helpful.

The following links contain the rules and regulations concerning curbing your dog in San Diego County.

County of San Diego Animal Services
Sec 62.670. Committing Nuisance